Midweek Tea Party

wanted to call this post “Teaful Tuesday” or something else clever like that but, alas, I’m home sick from work on a Wednesday.


This dreary afternoon I decided to enjoy a steaming cup of Cardamom Rose Mate made by Metolious Artisan Tea. I gave this tea a go a few weeks back at the health food store (Sundance, for my Eugene friends, because I’m a crazy person who still does their bulk grocery shopping two hours away.) and boy, let me tell you, I have not been disappointed. Toasty mate, spicy pink peppercorns, little gems of rosebud, and tasty cardamom steep together into the most sweetly energizing of tea blends. I love mate because it’s a departure from my normal black coffee or tea. Sometimes I add a dash of coconut milk, today I added a drizzle of amber agave nectar and it’s delightful. Here’s to conquering the caffeine headache amplifying my existing discomfort, cheers!


Until next time,


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