Potatoes for Breakfast. And Always, Really.

I love potatoes. Don’t you? Well, you should.

I recently won a contest on Pure Formulas that asked folks to submit their favorite vegetarian recipes, woo go me. You would think that I would be the queen of this sort of thing but I didn’t have a functioning camera or decent iPhone at that time, nor did I have the energy to create something of my own making, so I snapped a horrible iPhone 4S photo of a breakfast potato skillet that my lover made for us one morning (not pictured, suckers) and called it a day. To my shock and excitement, they liked it. Maybe I should have ended that with a question mark? I decided that since I magically won a contest, I should probably give the recipe a redo with real photos. By the by, if you’re interested in learning more about omitting meat from your lifestyle, I highly suggest you check out Pure Formula’s Get Your Green Groove On. It’s packed with lifestyle and nutrition information and they do fun contests and sell great products too, how awesome is that? Even as a life-long herbivore, there are still some useful things that I’ve picked up from their website.


Breakfast (or whenever) Potato Skillet:


  • Red skin potatoes, half inch dice (about 1 medium potato per person, I used 2)
  • Assorted organic vegetables, here I used:
    • Half a red bell pepper, cut in half inch dice
    • Half a yellow onion, medium dice
    • 4 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped
    • 2 large leaves of kale, stemmed and coarsely chopped
  • Fresh rosemary, several sprigs, chopped with garlic
  • Tillamook Aged Sharp White Cheddar cheese, to taste, grated
  • Olive oil, for sautéing
  • Salt & pepper, to taste (or in my case, Mimi’s House Seasoning, a concoction made by my lover’s aunt)
  • Sriracha & chopped fresh parsley, for serving


  1. Heat olive oil on low in a medium or large sauté pan, when hot (but not smoking) add onion and cook a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until softened a bit. Add half of the garlic/rosemary combo and stir, let cook another minute. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Add potatoes and a splash of water, cover and let sit (stirring occasionally) until potatoes are cooked through, about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Add bell pepper and remaining garlic/rosemary combo, cook another 2 minutes uncovered.
  4. Add kale over top of veggies in skillet, allowing heat to soften. Stir, remove from heat and sprinkle cheese over top of skillet. Once melted, sprinkle with parsley. Serve in skillet with Sriracha.



I hope you like my dishware, I found it in our cabin this weekend and I thought it was just about the bee’s knees.

This recipe is great because the ingredients are relatively flexible. I always use red skinned potatoes, onion, and garlic, but the other veggies change to suit what I have on hand or what’s in season. I don’t think I prefer carrot in this recipe, it’s too sweet. I do try for diverse colors, and I always add a leafy green at the end. Cheese is a must-have on my list, but you could make this vegan quite easily as well.

Until next time,


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