Garden Update

Nothing is growing, yet. It’s early March, and while according to our winemaker and vineyard manager at work the risk of frost is behind us, I’m still not buying it. Sorry about it, can’t help how I feel. So instead, here’s a photo of the one exciting thing happening in my garden at the moment: solar lights!! Yeah, I finally unpacked them and they would be super helpful if I needed to do any late-night gardening.


I must admit, I’m a bit of an asshole. I never actually got around to going to the garden center and buying steer manure to cover my weed-killing cardboard blanket and so I’m doing it now.


Apparently 4 bags aren’t enough. This project continued another week until my sweetheart and I made the trek together. He’s sweet and wants to help me, I think that this season will be a fun learning experience together. My previous garden was a makeshift combination of one semi-raised bed and the rest of a strip of weeds bordering the south-facing side of my house. The entire strip was probably 4 or 5 feet wide and twenty-something feet long, broken up in the middle by an unsightly air pump. It was a haphazard mess and produced me a lot of food amidst the lessons. Only one squash though, I couldn’t figure out a way to properly cover the creeping vines and so the baby deer ate them all.

This garden is massive in comparison, though just as weed covered. I chose a smaller section to take over, 10 by 20 or so. Easing myself in. I’ve never direct-sowed my seeds, I’ve previously just purchased starts later in the season. This year I decided to meet in the middle, I’ll start seeds in my kitchen window this week or next and ultimately transplant them outside in a month or 2.



And one more update, my little baby daffodils are (nearly) all grown up!


Until next time,


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