Garden Update – Planting Prep


Guys, guys! Guess what? I went to my favorite home and garden store unattended!

$97 later, I emerged a whole lot happier, with a broken budget and seeds to get me through the next couple seasons, mostly. I’m still lacking peas, hot peppers, radishes, and I’m sure something else, but dammit I’m happy.

Down to Earth, my favorite distributor and home & garden store in Eugene, was to blame for my lack of self restraint. I am SO excited about these seeds. Siskiyou Seeds is a new line they’re trying out, the folks at the store had great things to report about sprouting and I loved the information I read about the company in their catalog. Many of my seeds came from Oregon, something pretty darn important to me. I love my state, I love buying local, I love supporting local, and I love growing local. But seeds are seeds, and I understand that they’re made to travel.



As a first-time seed starter, I opted to go with some all-inclusive seed starter packs. I’ve gardened before, but I haven’t started my own seeds inside ahead of time. I’ve done some direct sowing, and plan to focus on that in the future, but I thought this would be a good exercise for me this season. Plus, they’re so stinking’ cute it’s unreal.


I opted for these seed starter kits, because they are compostable and I can plant the whole darn thing if I want to. I probably didn’t need fertilizer, because my soil already has some in it, and I probably should have opted for a seeding mix, but I already had the soil on hand and the fertilizer is for my garden when I till it next month.


I love Black Gold soil brand, because it’s reliable and awesome and it’s also OMRI listed. OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute is a great Eugene area nonprofit focused on identifying inputs for organic farming. I love them, and even though they didn’t interview me for a job I wasn’t qualified for many years ago, I maintain that stance.

Also, like my recycled Nancy’s Yogurt containers? I have many.



An unhelpful garden helper…


Ready for seeds!




Unhelpful garden helper #1, hiding inside.


Unhelpful garden helper #2, hardly sitting still but being very stately.



Until next time,


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