Garden Update – Baby Plants!


Hi! Hello! Hi! I have baby plants! Aren’t you excited?

After about a week or so there’s been quite a bit of new growth as my baby seedlings begin to break through the soil. I love them. (I hope you appreciate my gross misuse of proper verb tense.)


The broccoli shot up first, followed by the kale and chicory mixes, and a couple peas have made their entrance as well. I’m still anxiously anticipating the appearance of my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and basil.



Until next time,


One thought on “Garden Update – Baby Plants!

  1. Your plants are certainly growing well! We just planted some seeds at the weekend. Hopefully we will have baby corn, mint, rosemary, as well as lavender and rhubarb which will not be ready until next year. I also planted some sun flowers as my nephews love watching them grow and measuring them and seeing whose sunflower is the tallest! We are going to also plant lettuce in April. Love planting and watching things grow.

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