Midweek Tea Party


I got a present! I am so excited! Wahoo!

As you may already know, I love Metolius Artisan Tea. I placed a couple weeks back and they, the wonderful wonderful folks that they are, shipped it to me within one day AND they threw in the most lovely little gift ever, more tea! I ordered more of the Cardamom Rose Mate that I’ve spoken with you about previously, as well as some other matte and Chai blends to try.


Yeah, that’s Chocolate Chai, I know, that’s exactly what I said. Historically I’ve never gravitated towards chocolate teas, but this one was just the prettiest thing ever and it was obviously love at first sight.

And so, I did what any intelligent, tea crazed woman would do (as soon as there was natural light to whip out my camera) and made a cup!


The instructions said to use milk, and I (oddly) had cow milk in my fridge from some beer cheese potato soup I made the other day, so I used organic whole milk with a splash of water.


I figured that a Bend tea deserved a Bend mug. If you haven’t been to Chow, I don’t know if we should be friends anymore. But if you pay them a visit next time you’re in town I’m sure that we can reconcile our differences.



This tea was a real treat, kind of like Chai hot chocolate. I enjoyed mine with some vanilla infused sugar and it was like candy for breakfast. Highly recommended.


Until next time,


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