Long Hike, Tiny Lake

Yesterday my lover and I went on what was to be a decent hike around a beautiful lake in the Mt. Hood Wilderness. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men. The beautiful, warm weather we’ve been having has apparently not been enough to melt the remaining snow on the main Forest Service road we needed to access Timothy Lake, so we went to plan B. We parked a little ways down the road, just before a giant, jacked-up truck had been embedded in the snowy ditch, and started walking. We knew that there was a small lake at the trailhead we originally intended to start from, let’s find it, we thought. Famous last words.

Our alternate route led us 12 miles (there and back again) down snow covered Forest Service roads to a tiny campground on the Pacific Crest Trail.



Little Crater Lake is nothing like it sounds, except for the ‘little’ part. Formed resulting from a fault line in the bedrock and the layers above it, an artesian spring forced its way up to the surface and then washed away a portion of the soft siltstone there. It’s small, pond-like in size, but DEEP. I don’t know how deep, but the very clear, dark blue water shows ample sunken trees crazy far down.


A sweet little observation deck. This is a place I was happy to have to ourselves, it would have been crowded otherwise.



Flooded swamp area all around, thanks snow melt.



And this handsome guy!



Our original hike was intended to be eight miles along Timothy Lake to a prospective summer backpack-only, primitive camp ground called Meditation Point. Our actual hike, while less scenic, was still lovely and ultimately exhausting. An early dinner and beer at HUB Brewery when we got back to Portland was thoroughly rewarding.


Until next time,


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