My Obsession with St Germain Continues


Hi! My name is Alexandra, and I have an obsession with elderflowers and their derivatives.

As you may recall, I recently professed my love for the elderflower and the famous liquor called St Germain. Well, the cocktail binge continues with a guest star appearance from the delicious Evolution Brut Sparkling wine!

We rented the most perfectly adorable cottage at the beach a few weeks back with some dear friends of ours, partly to celebrate my boyfriend’s graduation from graduate school (many months back) and partly to celebrate my birthday and beginning of the downhill slide into my fifties, as my father called it. During our stay we played a very intense game of Monopoly, and may I add that I didn’t lose first (cough second cough), and I made us a batch of this super simple and enjoyable drink to sip on while we schemed against one another and mortgaged our fictitious properties. VERB TENSE, ALEXANDRA.


The beauty of this cocktail is in the simplicity. Two parts: sparkling wine and elderflower liquor. Ratio of 1 part St Germain to 3 parts sparkling wine, I like Evolution because it’s fun and awesome and it has a floral component that lends itself quite well to the St Germain.


Cutest packaging ever? And so it begins…






Enjoy, just slowly, and maybe don’t plan on driving?


Until next time,


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