Early Mornings on the Coast


Did you know that the coast of northern California isn’t actually all that different than the coast of southern Oregon? It’s shocking, I know.

After our excursion to Jedediah Smith State Park to see the majestic redwoods, we decided that it wasn’t even 9am and we could afford to spend some time driving down the California coast to visit Arcadia and Eureka. The sun was just beginning to pop up over the treeline when we stopped at this beach, it was lovely and calm. The puppy ran and we tried to stay out of her sand spray.



I really love these two.

I’ve been in the mood to talk it out lately, so let’s do some more of that. This morning my yoga instructor shared her mantra as of late, “Believe in the good to come.” After class, I spent some time chatting with her and she shared a story of using that mantra to breathe good into a frustrating day which she ultimately turned around. I should consider trying such myself. Some days I struggle to breathe through the frustrations and bring myself back to the good.

Thinking back to Labor Day Weekend, driving around with these goofs helps bring me back to the good. I will be frustrated, I will be tired. There will be days. At some point, I will hit pause on my daily duties and I will return to the woods or the ocean or the mountains. I will breathe.

Until next time,

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