Lookout Below – Bolan Mountain


We spent a glorious Labor Day Weekend exploring southern Oregon from our vantage point at Bolan Mountain Lookout. Without a doubt, amongst the most scenic Forest Service rentals I’ve had the pleasure of staying in.

Bolan Mountain is unlike many lookouts in that it has an expansive wrap-around deck to relax on, from which you can enjoy the view from all sides.



Labor Day weekend, while absolutely not an anniversary (because I don’t believe in those), is special nonetheless. In the interest of getting sappy, I was lucky enough to fall in love with this goofball over a Labor Day Weekend trip to Glacier National Park. While I originally intended that road trip to Glacier to be a solo adventure, Devin somehow inserted himself into my life and claimed a seat in my CRV. Against my better judgement and the advice of my best friend,”Careful, you’ll fall in love in Glacier,” I found myself in one of the most beautiful places with an equally beautiful human. Even though the weather turned sour and our plans had to adjust, Devin and I had the most lovely time in each other’s company. Granted, it wasn’t for another couple of months until I was interested in admitting to myself (or to Devin) how I felt.







Bolan Mountain Lookout overlooks Bolan Lake, a pretty little lake near Cave Junction, Oregon. We used it to fill our solar shower.




Sunsets up there were beyond words.



The morning views weren’t bad either…

Breakfast in bed! Sort of. My morning off chef duty.

Until next time,

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