Vegetables for the Vegetablearians

Hi! Happy October. It’s October, that’s crazy. I don’t know where time is going but I certainly feel like it’s going somewhere I can’t find it.

School is going well, thank you for asking. Work is crazy. I’m buying a house? When it rains, it pours, I guess…And I do live in Oregon.

In other, less-frantic news, my colleague Henry recently refreshed his fussy veggie burger recipe and passed it along to me to try out. Featuring quinoa, tempeh, mushrooms, and eggs, it packed a lot of protein and was complimented by flavor from spices and fresh scallions.





I should mention that, after this process while discussing the results with Henry, he mentioned something about tricking his kids into eating mushrooms, tempeh, and zucchini in one meal, however I have no recollection of zucchini being part of this recipe to begin with. This either means that Henry is messing with me, or that I’m not a very good listener. I might beg the latter, considering that I only wrote down ingredients and not the method with which to combine them, not my finest hour if we’re being honest.

I’ll keep playing with this combination and report back when I have something gold.

Until next time,

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