That One Thing I Swore I Would Never Do…I Did It.


Hi. Long time no blog, huh? I vow from this point forward to be better, in large part because I no longer have a full-time job and can focus my energy on school and cooking. (Giant sigh of relief/jump for joy!)

In other news, I got married. Love, insurance and taxes! Yay! My lover and I pseudo-eloped to the Oregon coast, we shared the weekend with only our closest family and it was glorious. I’ve never been one to enjoy a wedding, let along plan to have one myself, so this was a near-perfect compromise. There was no processional, no toasts, no photographer, no first dance (though there definitely was cake). Not once did we feel stressed (or hungry), we just enjoyed the company of those we love and shared many laughs and good meals together.

Life is wild, am I right?

Talk soon.

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