Lessons Learned Over the 2017 Growing Season

Hi there,

I’m feeling a bit reflective on this gloomy Sunday afternoon. It feels like fall might finally be here for good and so I’ve spent much of this weekend slowly putting my little garden to bed.

Gardening is one of the most frustrating and rewarding hobbies, through it I produce food which feeds my family during the summer and over the winter as well. No matter how noble my intentions, my stamina is never quite strong enough to make my garden the perfect little haven that it is in my heart.

Here are some lessons which I learned over the course of the 2017 growing season, I hope you glean something useful from my strife.


  • If you’re planting wildflowers from a mixed seed packet, look for one relatively low in borage. Borage is lovely, the bees adore it and you can put the pretty blue flowers in your salads. Borage is also a beast. A single plant will reseed itself 100x over over the course of the season, and soon you’ll be left with borage weeds to pull until the end of time.
  • As your potato plants grow, cover them with additional soil. This will provoke the plant to put out a new level of potatoes, maximizing your yield from one or two small plants.
  • Plant your snap peas in phases. By spacing out your plantings a few weeks apart, you’re going to be able to enjoy the delicious peas for far longer, and you won’t be quite so desperate to keep up with seventeen thousand vigorous plants all at once.
  • Sunflower seeds travel.
  • Don’t buy the sad six-pack starts late in the season simply because you feel bad for the neglected little cucumbers and melons. They will never make you proud.
  • Don’t plant your seeds and starts too close together. This should seem like a no-brainer, but it’s hard to visualize how big your plants will actually get in time. If you pack 11 kale plants into a 1×4′ space, you’re going to stress them out and ultimately attract pests.
  • Flea beetles are terrible. Do something to keep them at bay, and then tell me what that something was.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m sure I’ll think of something else soon.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned Over the 2017 Growing Season

  1. Ah, we learn all the time. My lesson this year is not to worry do much about perfection. Things will still grow. Including the weeds. We use fine mesh over plants to avoid the flea beetle, or grow them very early or late. I’ve got lots of lots of radish now for the winter salads. No flea beetle stacks. Yet. All the best . Karen

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