The Story

Photo by Rachelle Hacmac

Lutte Raisonnée is a French phrase used to describe a specific approach to farming wine grapes, one that bridges the gap between conventional and organic methods. It can be translated to “a reasoned struggle” or “a reasonable battle.” While this phrase is important in the world of wine, it also defines the approach I take to my own lifestyle, most notably when in the kitchen.

A native to the Pacific Northwest, I am a home cooking and gardening enthusiast. I believe in slow food, seasonal eating, and growing my own whenever possible. I love to eat, I love to drink, I hate wearing pants and have more plastic dinosaurs on my desk at work than one should be proud of, probably.

This is my personal blog where I’ll share whatever seems to make me happy at the moment. In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure what that means yet: recipes, gardening happenings, hiking adventures, photo diary entries, etc. I am also pursuing my master’s degree in whole-food, farm to table nutrition. I welcome you to follow my journey and encourage you to share yours as well.